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The Ultimate Online Slots Not Gamstop Guide

Slots are at the heart of the online casino world. Indeed, this is by far the most popular non GamStop casino game out there, and it’s easy to see why: slots offer a very dynamic gaming experience, and new games are coming out virtually every day!

We will explain everything about non GamStop slots. First of all we will see together the software and developers of the slots, in other words discover the magic behind these beloved games. Next, we will expose the most common bonuses offered by slot games.

We will explain what is the “redistribution rate” which is a central concept to know when playing slots not blocked by GamStop. We will describe the different types of slots, to finally tell you how to choose your favorite slot game. If you are a fan of casino games, or want to learn more and heal your knowledge, this page is for you.

Software and game developers

You should know that it is not the non GamStop online casino sites that create the slot games, but the software developers. Each software has its specialty, which is why the different slots available online are so varied. It is useful to know the biggest names of software developers, to easily recognize the quality of a proposed game. Don’t worry, here we will describe the major names to help you! Knowing the software from which a slot game comes can be of great help and make your choice easier. Online casinos without GamStop always highlight the software developers they partner with.

First, Betsoft. It is a name that is a guarantee of quality in the world of online casinos, and which presents a wide range of games, ranging from table games to slot games. Betsoft not blocked by GamStop is particularly known for their slot games, especially thanks to their 3D that makes the gaming experience even more immersive.

Microgaming not on GamStop is also extremely reliable software. The company has been around for a very long time, and this is the software used on the very first online casino sites. When you see Microgaming games at an non GamStop online casino, you can be sure to find quality. In terms of slots, they offer more than 1200 different games, and this figure is only growing. There are mostly progressive jackpot slots that are very interesting.

Then we must not forget about Realtime Gaming, otherwise called RTG. It is also one of the oldest software developers in the business, and they have a good game library including well-known and appreciated slot games. Among these slots we can also find progressive jackpot slots.

Other names not to be overlooked are SkillOnNet, NetEnt and of course Playtech, all featuring high-end software, which allows them to offer quality slot games.

Non GamStop slot bonuses

Keep in mind the wagering, withdrawal and deposit requirements that are almost systemic on non GamStop online casino sites. Slot bonuses not on GamStop are of course interesting for players, but you still have to be careful, and that is why it is important to know in advance the various bonuses that exist.

The free spins bonus is perhaps the best known bonus for slots. This bonus, as the name suggests, allows players to play slots for a few spins without wagering their own money. So this is a very interesting bonus for any player profile. It allows newcomers to discover without taking risks, but it also allows to spice up the game of seasoned players who want to take a break from using their “bankroll” (capital, funds). Most of the time, this type of bonus is offered by the site at specific times of the week, such as the weekend, which means that players can regularly enjoy free spins. Sometimes with some online casinos not registered with GamStop, a free spin can even come with a win multiplier. But be careful, often the free spins bonus can only be used if a prior deposit has already been made on the site!

Some no GamStop online casino sites offer bonuses related to the release of new slot games. If we take into account that there are new slot games that come out very often, players can potentially receive interesting bonuses on a regular basis! Most of the time these bonuses take the form of free spins, but sometimes they are additional percentages on your potential winnings. This means that your winnings can rise very quickly by favoring this type of bonus!

Another interesting bonus is the multi-level bonus. Thanks to this bonus, players can quickly multiply their credits when they manage to pass several levels in a slot game. However, one must remain careful and think carefully before engaging in this kind of game and have a good “bankroll” available, because if the player fails a level, he must start again from the beginning.

Redistribution rates

We will now explain a major concept to understand when playing slot games: the concept of redistribution rate, or “RTP” (“return to player”). Each non GamStop online casino sets a specific redistribution rate for player payouts. This figure varies most of the time between 82% and 98 %, never exceeding 99 %. To give you a concrete example, if an online casino not signed with GamStop has a payout rate of 98%, if you bet € 100, you will win a maximum of €98. It is important to know the redistribution rate and understand this concept, because the higher this rate, the higher your eventual earnings will also be.

You may have read or heard of two other terms related to slots: “loose” and “tight”. These two words relate precisely to the RTP. Faced with a high RTP, it will be said that it is a slot game “loose”. That is, on a so-called “loose” slot game you will win more regularly and sometimes the winnings will be higher. Conversely, a “tight” slot will have a lower payout rate, so you will win less often and most of the time with lower payouts than a ” loose “slot.

Types of slot games not on GamStop

There is a lot of variety in terms of slots without GamStop, so we advise you to learn a bit more from this page to allow you to differentiate them. For this, we will list the criteria that allow to categorize them:

  1. The number of reels: The reels relate to the vertical lines on which the symbols are displayed. The number of rolls varies between three and five. It is generally recommended, and you are also advised, that novice players limit themselves to three-reel slots at the beginning, so as not to lose too much money.
  2. Non GamStop progressive slots VS non-progressive slots: Classic slots are non-progressive slots because they do not offer a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot slot game is connected to other progressive jackpot games, all connected to a jackpot that increases as bets are made on the different games involved. In other words, the more players bet on this kind of slot game, the faster the jackpot will increase. It’s easy to understand why there are so many players who bet on progressive slots, due to the possibility of winning a really big jackpot!
  3. Slots “loose” VS “tight”: as we explained in detail above, one must fully understand the concept of RTP, which in turn makes it possible to understand the terms “loose” and ” tight “. Identifying the “loose” or “tight” character of a non GamStop slot game is a good idea, because your winnings will necessarily depend on the redistribution rate (RTP). But be careful, do your research well when playing with money at an online casino you discover. Sometimes some sites display very high RTP, which can be a sign of scam. Indeed, the higher this percentage, and the less money the casino will make, so it is not advantageous for them.
  4. The different paylines: the paylines are what allows you to get money, it is on these lines that you will bet. Although the number of reels is limited to between three and five, the opposite is true for paylines. Some slots have more than one hundred paylines! The more paylines there are, the more and more betting opportunities there are.
  5. Multipliers: Slot games not blocked by GamStop all have specific symbols that will vary the outcome of a bet if they hit a winning combination. One of these symbols is called a multiplier. If this symbol falls on a winning combination, it multiplies the player’s winnings.

How to choose the non GamStop slot that works best for you:

What is convenient with most online casinos not registered with GamStop is the fact that they categorize slots according to certain criteria that we just described on this page. This is because you can filter the games according to your favorite criteria. If you want to play only three-reel slots, then you click on this category, and the site filters the games according to this criterion. It is also important to choose a slot game not blocked by GamStop with a gaming theme that you like. With the multitude of slots that exist nowadays, there are equally numerous and varied themes that exist. Recurring and highly appreciated themes are for example adventure, Greek mythology, or superheroes, to name a few. It may seem trivial, but the gaming experience is greatly enhanced when the game theme matches the tastes of the players.

To help you choose the slot that suits you best, you also need to take into account its profile. As we said above, if you have a beginner player profile, it is better to opt for a three-reel game, because even if the winnings will not be very high, the possible losses will be less. Conversely, if you can afford to bet bigger because you have a large bankroll, feel free to play progressive games if you are interested. Indeed, to play it requires a minimum bet that is higher than on other games.

Slots offering bonuses are always a good choice, regardless of whether you are a beginner or not. Bonuses will allow you to increase your chances of winning more. The same logic can be applied to the number of paylines: the more paylines there are, the more chances you have to bring in winnings, so feel free to choose a multi-payline slot without GamStop.

No matter what you choose, you should always be careful and carefully monitor your money, which can leave very quickly if you do not use it in a smart way. The goal of the game is to have fun and try to win money, so if you keep in mind everything we mentioned above, you can be sure to make the most of your experience with slots not on GamStop!